Roy Roberts’ life began in abject poverty in a segregated southern town in the late 1930s. His future seemed extraordinarily bleak. Yet, against all odds, Roy rose to the senior executive ranks of General Motors. This remarkable American success story is explained here in Roy’s own words. For young men and women on the verge of giving up, facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, this inspiring real-life story charts a course of hope and fulfillment based upon an unwavering commitment to education, integrity and hard work. It starts with a loving father who steered his son away from a path leading nowhere, and ends with a son’s 55-year, ever-ascending success story that truly defines the American Dream!

Harry Pearce, former Vice Chairman, General Motors Corporation

 Roy Roberts served as a Director for the BNSF Railway for over fifteen years.  For thirteen of those years I was the CEO, and dealt with Roy on a number of different issues.  Mainly, though, Roy was a mentor to me.  He does have his “Roy-isms.”  Each one comes with a life lesson.  I was blessed to serve under Roy’s leadership at the railroad as well as the Boy Scouts of America National Board.  Roy has had a huge impact in corporate America. Roy has had a huge impact in my life.  

Matthew K. Rose, Executive Chairman, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC

My American Success Story is a must-read that will serve to remove any doubt about your ability to achieve the American Dream. Early in life, Roy Roberts accepted his father’s mandate that he get a good education and commit to serving others. He worked hard and earned remarkable success.  I have followed Roy’s exemplary career since we met as students at Western Michigan University, and worked with him to solve some of Detroit’s challenges.  If Roy Roberts tells you something — if he shares valuable, life-changing information, as he does in this book — you can take it to the bank.

Dennis W. Archer, former president, American Bar Association; former Mayor of Detroit

From the depths of poverty to the heights of power and prestige, My American Success Story traces the life of an extraordinary man’s journey to make a difference for himself and others. It is an inspirational book of trial and triumph for all of us.

James B. Nicholson, President and CEO, PVS Chemicals Inc.